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  • Doro Wet

    Doro wet (Amharic: ዶሮ ወጥ dōrō we̠t’, Tigrinya: ደርሆ ጸብሒ derhō tsebhi), made from chicken and hard-boiled eggs. It is the most popular traditional food in Ethiopia

    Green Chicken with Gomen: Chicken suateed with onion jalapenos, tomato, garlic and spinach

  • Gored Gored

  • Keyi Wet (red beef sauce), Misto

    Keyi Wet: Beef stew cooked with onion, berbere and garlic, served with ayib(cottage cheese)

    Misto: Red Beef stew & alcha beef stew served with ayib(cottage cheese)

  • Kitifo

    Spciy and yammy kitifo made of very soft minced beef, clarified butter and species including papper, served with cottage cheese(ayib) and Gomen-spinach make with sauteed onion and garlic

    Special Kitifo: Kitifo with onion,green pepper and garlic

  • Kurt Tire Siga

    Beef served with side dipping sauce of awaze(hot red pepper sauce),snafitch(mustard),mitimita(hot chili sauce), served with Injera

  • Meat Combos


    Meat Combos + Veggie Combos

    Alicha-lamb stew cooked with onion, garlic, ginger and turmeric

    Keyi Wet- beef stew cooked with onion, berbere and garlic

    Kitifo-minced beef made with spiced clarified butter

    Gomen-spinach make with sauteed onion and garlic

  • Quanta Firfir

    Strips of dried beef sauteed in spices, served with injera

  • Varities of Beef Tibs

    Beef Tibs: Beef sauteed with onion, jalapeno,tomato and garlic,served with salad

    Awaze(spicy) Beef Tibs: Beef sauteed with onion,pepper and awaze(spicy chili sauce) senafitch(mustard) and mitimita(hot chili sauce)

    Zizil Tibs: Grilled strips of beef served with awaze,senafitch and mitimita

    Godin Tibs: Bone-in beef grilled or sauteed served with awaze(spicy chili sauce),senafitch(mustard) and mitimita(hot chili sauce)

    Gomen Besiga: Beef sauteed with onion, jalapeno,tomato and garlic,and Gomen

  • Varities of Lamb Tibs

    Yebeg(Lamb) Awaze Tibs: Awaze lamb sauteed with onion garlic,tomato and pepper(spicy red pepper sauce), served with salad

    Yebeg(Lamb) Tibs: Lamb served with onion,jalapenos,tomato and garlic,served with salad

    Yebeg Siga Begomen (Green Lamb): Lamb sauteed with onion,jalapenos,tomato,garlic and spinach

  • Yebeg(Lamb) Kikil

    Boiled lamb bone sauteed onion,jalapenos

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